ORGŌNE is more than a band. ORGŌNE is a music collective that have been blessed by the talents of so many great artists over the 22 years of their existence. By definition, Orgone is a “universal life force”, which beautifully defines the magnetic attraction to the music that comes out of Killion Sound and producer Sergio. A. Rios. This single series aims at highlighting the many collaborations, variations and preminitions of ORGŌNE


AUG 4, 2023

"Pacific Beat"

Featuring Jamie Allensworth


Soul powerhouse Jamie Allensworth is back in this fresh collab on the driving disco funk of "Pacific Beat", contributing lead vocals and lyrics on the four-on-the-floor banger that’s sure to heat up the dance floor. Your new summer anthem is here, rife with lush sing along hooks and bouncing deep synth drops.

The driving disco funk of "Pacific Beat" highlights & propels singer Jamie Allensworth’s soulful tenor as he begs the message to those seeking to escape from themselves in Lala land,
“Where you gonna go, after LA?”


MAY 30, 2023

"Find 'Em, Fool 'Em & Forget 'Em"

Featuring Gina Murrell


Singer Gina Murrell struts with serious soul attitude in this supercharged rendition of George Jackson’s classic FAME cut. Banging New Orleans-style funk beat and a cold blooded guitar riff drive this horn heavy heater while Gina testifies to some hard earned lessons.

Gina “Pinky” Murrell is a powerhouse vocalist and writer. Well-recognized on global music stages, she spent 2 decades as a front singer for world-renowned Jamaican artists Daddy U-Roy, a member of The Ethiopians, and The Wailing Souls. Her voice has been featured on literally hundreds of recordings, in multiple genres.

Her honest delivery brings authenticity to a soulful performance.

Dan Hastie and Sergio Rios were featured on her first solo recording some 20 years ago. Coming full circle, she’s now continuing the love vibes on stage and in the studio with Orgone.


APR 28, 2023

"On The Road Again"

Featuring Phil Diamond


Part three of our single series features Greece's own Phil Diamond on vox. An updated cover version of Spanish band Barrabas’ underground disco classic, Orgōne brings their signature raw edge & a “modern banger” sensibility to this classic from one of the early NYC disco scene’s essential bands.

Phil Diamond (aka Stefanos - Filippos Diamantopoulos) is a Greek singer-songwriter. Growing up on an eclectic diet of traditional Greek music, the different manifestations of African diaspora, and the undeniable power of rock and roll, it seems to be hard to pin him down musically. Inspired by his rural surroundings he started singing and took up the guitar at the age of 17. It was only one year later that he moved from his birthplace of Evinochori to Thessaloniki, then London and Athens. He formed several groups with whom he performed at every venue he could. He has achieved artistic success in his home country and he is considered one of the best voices coming out of Greece. After some years of songwriting and performing in Greece and in Europe, Stefanos-Filippos’ relocation to Los Angeles was the catalyst for his music career. There he worked with many names of the local scene and worked on original material which was released under the name Adámas.  Following the end of the global pandemic, he released music with different groups and in different genres both in Greece and the US.


MAR 7, 2023


Featuring Lakan


Part two of our single series, Resonance, features Lakan on vox. Lakan's dusty, emotive, & gritty vocals elevate, uplift and soar over deep-hitting drums while punchy horns take the listener higher in this stirring anthem inspired by early 70s southern soul.

Lakan is a singer, songwriter, and producer from and currently based in Chicago. Lakan tends to draw influence from many different styles and genres but for this Philippine born son of a singer who was raised in the cold streets of Chicago, soul is the true reflection of the people society most often sees as a problem. With a commanding lyrical ability and a voice that retells stories of love and loss, pain, hope and healing, Lakan personifies that soul.


JAN 24, 2023


Featuring Jamie Allensworth


New collaborative single w/ Jamie Allensworth on vox. The LA psych-funk ensemble kick off a new monthly single series with a slinky dancefloor soul stepper, featuring 80’s-style boogie guitar & gummy bass synths

Having garnered a strong following in Australia & New Zealand, Jamie’s home base and deep roots in SoCal have made him a fixture in the constellation of amazing West Coast talent that orbits through the band’s beloved studio KillionSound. Slick 80’s boogie guitar & gummy bass synths undulate over Orgōne’s notoriously tight pocket rhythm in this effortlessly groovy roller skate jam, with bells twinkling like light glinting off the disco ball as Jamie’s soulfully robust voice beckons the listener to slide & shimmy. Capped off with a catchy outro hook reminiscent of something that might’ve emanated from late-era Funkadelic or UK’s Sault, the band brings their boogiefunk stamp to today’s flourishing soul scene. This is Resonance, this is Orgōne.


JUNE 2023